a chip and a chair

a poker saying that basically means even though you might be down to your last chip, you're not out of it yet. you've still got a seat at the table; you're still alive.

Had a great time making new friends at the Red Door Saloon and Five Points Pizza last night.

Pancake Pantry for breakfast. Had an omelette, buttermilk pancakes and OJ. Good stuff! Rachel had me try some goat cheese for the first time. Not bad :-)

Being a bum and watching the Syracuse basketball game against Louisville starting at 11am (Central Time is weird).

Really looking forward to seeing y’all tonight at The Flying Saucer.

  1. sarkastickunt said: hug our girl for me, please.
  2. falsepalindrome said: Sounds likes a pretty good time is being had!
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